Priyesh Srivastava

Full Stack Developer
Data Analyst

About Me

Priyesh Srivastava has been the lead developer at Sensum Fintech and at Remedley.He also runs the blog StrayLogic.He is insanely passionate about practical data science and is constantly researching different ways of applying it to solve real-life problems such as development tools,transport,financial portfolio building,personal budgeting and so on.His interests involve reading various technical and non-technical books.Priyesh is also a big fan of MOOCS,online education and project-based skill inquisition. He is open to collaborating on any interesting projects and research.


Sensum Fintech

Lead Backend Developer

Priyesh is the lead programmer at Sensum Fintech . He was responsible for building and maintaining the platform. He worked on their newest project AlgoSim which is a community platform for backtesting trading strategies on Indian Equities.

Stray Logic


Priyesh is the main blogger at StrayLogic Blogs. He writes articles on quant finance and data science.


Full Stack Developer

Priyesh is the lead developer for Remedley which is cancer patient logistics provider. He worked on building and deploying their entire backend using flask and AWS ec2. Along with that he also contributed to the app and the admin web interface.


BITS Pilani,K.K. Birla Goa Campus

August 2017 - August 2021

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Relevant Coursework:

  • Logic in Computer Science
  • Discrete Structures in Computer Science
  • Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
  • Database Systems
  • Computer Programming

Specialization in Neural Networks and Deep Learning

    The Deep Learning Specialization is designed to prepare learners to participate in the development of cutting-edge AI technology, and to understand the capability, the challenges, and the consequences of the rise of deep learning through five interconnected courses covering the hottest AI algorithms.

Indian School of Business

Specialization in Trading Strategies in Emerging Markets

    This Specialization equips individual investors and money managers with the skills required to develop their own trading strategies and test them. When you complete the Specialization, you’ll be ready to apply eight ready-made trading strategies, based on rigorous academic research, that have been shown to be. You’ll also be able to design your own trading strategy, back test it, and measure its performance.

New York University

Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Finance

    The main goal of this specialization is to provide the knowledge and practical skills necessary to develop a strong foundation on core paradigms and algorithms of machine learning (ML), with a particular focus on applications of ML to various practical problems in Finance.

Data Science Projects


A hybrid of a rule-based and a deep learning based chatbot that is under construction and will be used in customer support as an effort on the part of Mobile Applications Club to provide better user experience. Right now it is a closed-source project that is built from an open-source base project.

Base Project Repository

Fake News Challenge

Base Project Repository

Image Classification API

Base Project Repository

Sentence similarity API

Base Project Repository

Development Projects


As a part of the community program of Mobile Applications Club. We developed this application for the Environment Week. It will track the feed history of various animals in our campus and inform all members of Environment Protection Club in case any animal needs medical care.

View on Google Play
Github Repository


There are 3 events held in BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus every year. For each one of them, for the past few years Mobile Applications Club has been making separate apps. But from this year onwards we decided to make one basic template app that will generate separate apps based on the data passed on in Firebase.

Github Repository

Events Web Interface

It is not practical that the Mobile App Club manually update all of the information in the database themselves. This is something that a controls team would be expected to know best. But we cannot expect them to go into firebase and manually edit it .So we made a minimal GUI interface to allow them to do so without comprimising database integrity.

Github Repository


This project is my implementation of the classic board game MasterMind in Python 3 without using any game engine. Currently only has player-vs-computer mode.

Github Repository


DoJMA is a news app built specifically for the students of BITS Pilani,K.K. Birla Goa Campus. It is one of the most widely used apps on campus for gaining information about recent and upcoming events. Recently reached about 2700 downloads.

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Github Repository


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